Why do I need a MyFarbtupfer account?

A MyFarbtupfer account has many advantages: Billing or shipping addresses can be stored and if an order is recurring, the address does not have to be entered. Payment details can also be stored. In addition, you can also store your purchases in the store.

What do I do if I forget the password?

Go to the login area and click on Forgot password. You will then receive a mail for the new password.

I can't see the purchases from the previous web page.

Due to privacy policy, the purchases of the previous website can not be transferred. Thank you for your understanding.

Which purchases are visible?

All orders from the website and purchases in the local store can be deposited in MyFarbtupfer Accoiunt.

Store area

How to deposit the purchases in the store?

Tell us your name when you make a purchase and we will be happy to look you up in the file and link the purchase.

What should I deposit the purchases for?

With the deposit you can look up what was purchased and on what date.